style with a student pricetag

Back with another cheeky little number

Top: River Island £18
Ok so I strayed away from primark this time as my loan has come in but I still managed to find this bargain! Ok so I got 20% off due to a student night so it was only £14.40 but at a RRP of £18 it’s definitely worth it! I wore it on a night out with black leggings and peep toe heels but it’s perfect dressed down for the day too, maybe with a leather jacket (I wear it with everything!)



Charity shops are your friend

Shirt: £3 oxfam
Spent a few days in London this week which means I had the ultimate pick of charity shops. Found this cute shirt for £3! I can’t recommend charity shops enough for shopping on a budget and it’s all for a good cause, could it get better?! I know 9 times out of 10 it’s just old tat but when you find something it really is a victorious moment! I’ll be pairing this shirt with some black cigarette trousers and killer heels tonight!


Alexander Wang x H&M

Was going to write a blog post about this exciting new collaboration.. But couldn’t have put it better myself! Finally a chance for us students to have a little taste of designer!

Word of advice

As the sun begins to ascend on the UK there’s only one thing for it..


Primark fanatic strikes again

Shirt:£9 and skirt:£7 both primark
I’m soo in love with this outfit! Perfect for day dressed down with a leather jacket or night with a pair of heels… and all for under £20! Student savvy shopping at it’s best!


The designer lookalikes that are bang on trend and 99p anyone?

Glasses: Primark, 99p
These glasses have been seen at all big festivals this year including fashions hottest Coachella. As a ongoing fan of Primark or ‘Primarni’ as some people joke, you won’t be surprised to hear that they come from there. Although they can also be found in high street stores such as Topshop or online at ASOS yet at a slightly higher price.



What love looks like


Dress: Zara, £39.99

Thought it was about time I spoke about the dress.

Ok, so its a bit of a splurge for a student budget but isn’t it gorgeous? Simple yet elegant with the back detail giving it originality. Although at £39.99 it isn’t quite a save it definitely doesn’t break the bank either so I decided to treat myself! After all one treat now and again isn’t going to hurt!


No make up selfie

Slightly off topic for my student blog but all for a good cause!

So this is a craze hitting the UK at the moment. Girls and women everywhere are posting ‘selfies’ of them au natural to raise money and awareness for cancer research. In 24 hours cancer research have raised £1 million through this recent craze. The idea is that women put themselves on social media sites at their most self conscious (without make up) and also donate their desired amount to cancer research.

Here is my no make up selfie:



To donate £3 simply text BEAT to 70007

Proof that social media can do good!

Get donating!



food thats good, free and helps charity anyone?



Eating healthily and of course eating good food is hard on a student budget. I find these graze boxes perfect as they give me a little weekly treat! From your standard nuts and dried fruit to brownies and flapjacks its good food at an affordable price! …and all treats are low in calories! If you fancy giving them a go my friendcode is shown in the picture which allows you to get your 1st, 5th and 10th grazebox free! Also, it allows me to give £1 to graze school of farming or equally get £1 off my box (i alternate between the two often giving more to graze school of farming.. damn my conscience!!) 

Alternatively, here is a link to use my friendcode: